and creepy...
but I love it.


I love the Eduardo Paolozzi tiles in Leicester Square tube. It's so nice to see them again since it reopened. They inspire me to make things of my own (just things).

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Here are the cards I made.



I'm captivated by the symbol of strength in the lion, what a creature. This applique panel forms part of a larger wall hanging I'm working on. I've been inspired by Inuit textiles to use different embroidery stitches to give texture to the piece.

This book is called 'Northern Lights: Inuit Textile Art from the Canadian Arctic', by Katharine W. Fernstrom and Anita E. Jones. Its a lovely, inspiring book that looks at the Inuit textile tradition, profiles several of the artists and also provides diagrams of many of the embroidery stitches used. I love the use of applique and embroidery together. 

I also recently learned how to needle felt as an embellishment, so really look forward to incorporating that into something.

Here are a couple of prints I made on my print course. Now that I look at the picture above and the print below I see a parallel there too! Which is funny because the print is adapted from a drawing I did before I saw this book.

This was intended to be this years Christmas card, but I've made a different one in colour that's better I think. I'll show you next week, they're in the drying rack at the print studio!



First evening at East London Printmakers. I'm doing the Experimental Linocuts with Japanese Vinyl course with Wuon Gean Ho. It's so great to learn a new kind of creative expression. The vinyl is softer than lino so is easier to carve. Wuon Gean told us that in Japan it is sold everywhere and many people make their new year cards this way. What a lovely thing to do.


out put

Very different random creations...