I created my website with little in the way of know-how, and I am already thinking of giving it a new look.
To look at the different pages you would have to click on the dice...

...or the different origami animals.
What fun it is, this dreamweaver.



I will never grow out of felt tip pens and coloured paper.

green tea ice cream

Does it taste better because of the green kitchen aid?
I could eat this all day everyday.
Fantastic recipe here.


the final at the Welsh Open

Mark Selby.
Ronnie O'Sullivan.


op-shop bargins

Op-shop bargin 1. All from one shop, all for a few pounds.

Op-shop bargin 2. £10 the lot, including the burgundy fabric.

In this country, the term generally used is 'charity shop', but 'opportunity shop' has a much nicer ring to it. It's as though there could be a 'luck store' or a 'delight depot' just around the corner.

the disarray


portobello road

Lovely trinkets from the market, all for £2.

Cake from Hummingbird. The real reason for suggesting a day out around here.

Sebastiano. 15 Pembridge Road, 0171 792 3320.



The patron saint of the naughty little epoch. Isn't she lovely?