..yeah, I can see that!

it's a brooch.




I woke up this morning wanting to make jewellery that could really enhance / change my persona. Such a success was the result, that I thought; who could not want to make a beard and mustache necklace? So here's how!

Choose your style! Sketch it out life size, and fold down the middle, that way when you cut out one side, the other will match. Don't forget to include a 1cm seam allowance. Pin two layers of fabric and a sheet of wadding together, and use your template to mark the out line with chalk.

Cut out the pieces.Sew 1cm from the edge with the wadding on top.Your sewing machine might try to eat the wadding if you have it underneath, mine would.

Clip corners and cut notches in curves. Turn outside in...

...using a pin to pull the corners out fully. Sew up the gap.

If you have fancy stitches on your sewing machine, chose one to quilt the pieces, giving them added texture. Once they are sewn together, attach ribbon to the ends of the mustache.

Ta da! It's a necklace... ...and a cunning disguise.



This is Ginger. He is old. He is the same age as me, but that is really old in bear years. When he was young he had a proper sticking out snout. As you can see his muzzle is very worn exposing the stuffing. When I was little my mum would sew on new felt, on his muzzle and paws. Now I am grown (promise) and call my self a sewer, so why can't I bring myself to do it?