Roksanda Ilincic

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London


I made this mobile for Eddie; my friend's baby. The sewing was just fun but when it came to assembling it I was at a bit of loss. It is tricky to get the weight right, and get it all to balance. But once you get it right and the little birds all start bobbing on their axis it is the most satisfying thing!

The whole experience has made me want to check out the Calder mobiles that are on show at the Royal Academy of Art at the moment.


Yard sale

This coming Friday I'm gonna be selling a few sewn things that have piled up around he place, some bags, some necklaces and a few hangings, at the Open Studios at Pullens Yards.



fancy stitch

These are the presents I made for my ladies in Barcelona. It was so much fun going there to deliver them. They come under the heading of "things made using the fancy stiches" on my husqvarna.

There she is.

Thank you Zoe, for taking the fantastic photos of these necklaces, you're the best. And so are you Harriet, too.


works in progress

The cloud and lightening are going to be a brooch, the bird will form part of a mobile, but it is funny how you put something down to pop to the loo, and you come back and they have made their own mind up, and have made themselves a picture.

Here is another one. Made by me.



Come to me little campers. Don't you love them. If I can't find better in Spain (good shoes can be found there) these beauties are mine.


lady love

gift gathering

A little danish dish. And some decals designed by Camilla Engman and bought from third drawer down. I just love those decals, it will be hard to gift them.

2nd hand round-up

This is a mix of op-shop and car boot shopping. The first two African prints were spotted by my dad, well done dad, car boot pro! The other fabric is black and green graphic ikea print, some rupert the bear curtains, and some other blousey kind of fabric. Lastly, more table wear as if it's needed. See, this is what happens when I've got time on my hands.


sewn lately

Here are a couple of things that I've sewn lately:

And here is something that has inspired me lately:
Painting by artist Matthew Palladin via Meighan O'toole's blog - my love for you is a stampede of horses.

and lastly... this: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

at the V&A.



No more hand sewing button holes. No more straight stitch only. Thanks for the good advice EmilyKate

draw life

The Candid Arts Trust has a drop-in life drawing class every Monday and Tuesday, and a very nice cafe too. Who wants to draw on an empty stomach anyway. I really recommend this class though, nice roomy space.



The other day I went to an exhibition called 'From atoms to patterns', at the Wellcome Collection. In 1951 a group of x-ray crystallographers and designers collaborated for the Festival of Britain and produced an amazing range of designs, mostly in textiles, based on complex atomic structures. It is well worth a visit to see these creations that have been in the vaults of the V&A for over 50years!

Oh, and here are some purchases from a recent shopping trip, the blue fabric (which is actually purple in real life) has a little of the feel of the atomic patterns, I think.



From now on I will not need to search for trousers. I'm gonna make my own. I don't like clothes shopping that much unless it is op-shopping!



Here are some things I've been making recently. I am working on some pants at the moment. I've been posting these 'creations' on Burdastyle. This site is addictive (I was warned).

op-shop finds


op-shop buy

I love yellow! (£3.50)


I went to Leigh-on sea, on a beautiful sunny day, to visit Zoe. It was so much fun. Just look at this jacket that she made! It is the best jacket I ever saw.


chicken or egg?

I thought of the wonderful Zoe when I sew this fabric, being rather partial to the African prints. Something makes me want to cut the chickens out, maybe just a couple.

animals in their natural habitat

Some applique featured on the bags I've been making. Soon to be available for purchase. Well, perhaps.