No more hand sewing button holes. No more straight stitch only. Thanks for the good advice EmilyKate

draw life

The Candid Arts Trust has a drop-in life drawing class every Monday and Tuesday, and a very nice cafe too. Who wants to draw on an empty stomach anyway. I really recommend this class though, nice roomy space.



The other day I went to an exhibition called 'From atoms to patterns', at the Wellcome Collection. In 1951 a group of x-ray crystallographers and designers collaborated for the Festival of Britain and produced an amazing range of designs, mostly in textiles, based on complex atomic structures. It is well worth a visit to see these creations that have been in the vaults of the V&A for over 50years!

Oh, and here are some purchases from a recent shopping trip, the blue fabric (which is actually purple in real life) has a little of the feel of the atomic patterns, I think.



From now on I will not need to search for trousers. I'm gonna make my own. I don't like clothes shopping that much unless it is op-shopping!