something for someone

I'm going hell for leather trying to finish my Christmas presents and then I spend the whole day making the most time consuming thing I could think of, for someone I've only met once!

Wow, it looks huge! but it is only as big as your thumb and is a brooch.

And in case you fancy seeing, here are some picks from the yard sale. That was a blast and quite interesting to see what people like (they all wanted the same two things!).

Lastly, to all the lovely people who visit with me here and inspire me with their lovely blogging: have a happy and peaceful holiday and new year!


Roksanda Ilincic

Being one Rather Lucky Lady, I got to see my first real live fashion show, and it really was inspiring.

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Fashion in Motion is the V&A's endeavour to 'bring catwalk couture to a wider audience'. Such a great idea.


I made this mobile for Eddie; my friend's baby. The sewing was just fun but when it came to assembling it I was at a bit of loss. It is tricky to get the weight right, and get it all to balance. But once you get it right and the little birds all start bobbing on their axis it is the most satisfying thing!

The whole experience has made me want to check out the Calder mobiles that are on show at the Royal Academy of Art at the moment.