Zoe at So, Zo has given me the kreativ Blogger award y'all! Thanks Zo!

S0, as is the rules.. here are 7 things you may not know about me:

1. I love MMA (mixed martial arts) and snooker (watching), and dancing (doing and watching). I have been going to dance classes at Pineapple for about a year. It is SO much fun.

2. I've been married 9 years! which maybe makes me sound a bit old but I was only 25 when I married this smokin' hot sweet heart:

3. I lived in New Zealand for 5 years. I miss the wilderness, but living there I learnt to appreciate what is good about home.

4. I work at the V&A Museum. Nothing glamorous, just administration, but I love working there. I get so much inspiration and my office gals are da bomb.

5. My family call me Mimi!

6. As a kid I used to ride show ponies. I got to compete all over the country so did a lot of travelling and basically lived for riding.

7. I have a degree in Anthropology.

Here are 7 blogs that I think deserve the award:

I'm glad you're all blogging, you make me happy.