It took me a while to make this, I am slow, but it is nice to make something I can wear. And it actually has been worn. The very next day after finishing it (yesterday) I wore it for a cake date with my friend Julie. Success!

Lately, I am particularly drawn to garments that have some kind of gathering detail, especially to the neck. I'm not sure why; it isn't always the most flattering. The fabric here is some kind of synthetic crepe I guess. I'm not certain because I bought it in a second hand / vintage store ages ago. I liked the fabric so much that it took me a long time to use it, which seems silly but I'm sure you understand.

This project does make me see why so many people say you should stick to natural fibers, but I do like to buy second hand so can't always be that choosy. Anyhow I love the soft grey and the burgundy leaves.


craft demos

Here's me doing a craft demo for the V&A's 'Members Week'. I met all sorts of wonderful people that were so encouraging and inspiring. In case you took my card: it was lovely to meet you!


new family member

She needs a bit of work. I've managed to reattach the zig zag control to the automatic assembly but there is something else not quite right. Luckily help is at hand at the necchi sewing machine club (I'm not kidding), who new the Necchi is loved by so many!

I hope they can be friends!

If you're a sewing machine geek too, you gotta visit the needlebar, zigzaggers and vintage sewing machines. enjoy!