I was at work the other day thinking about how many more conference proceedings I had to catalogue, when my colleague Merryl came to my desk with a her beautiful collection of Molas.

These textile panels are made by the Kuna, an indigenous people of Panama and Colombia. They are made using appliqué and reverse appliqué (reverse appliqué! I have only just entertained the idea in my own sewing up to now).

Now as I look closely at these pieces I notice two things, firstly they are sewn by hand, and secondly both the appliqué and reverse appliqué are hemmed (tiny hems on all the tiny details!). For so long I have wondered, am I crazy trying to hem all my applique? Am I trying to do impossibly small hems or will I improve with practice? Well it seems that it can be done, and with such precision. I will persevere!

Also, I found out from the wiki that mola means "clothing" in the Kuna language. These beautiful works of art are for wearing!

Thanks so much for showing me these Merryl!


weather's too good for blogging

...and too good for sewing (well almost). So I don't have much to show you. Mostly I've been lounging around in the garden and on Hamstead Heath.

Hope you are having wonderful summer fun!