Beaded for a lover of insects.



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I love collecting cards and postcards from artists and crafts people, as well as other ephemera like greetings cards, tickets and programs. I'm all for collecting for collecting's sake, but there are lots fun things to be made out of the interesting card and paper we keep whether out of nostalgia or because we like pretty things. How about making a tiny building or a beautiful crocheted gift card box

 These are from the 'fortune telling machines' at the penny arcade at Carters Steam Fair which is an amazingly restored vintage fairground. Actually, I think the middle ones were from the 'x-ray' machine!

Vintage playing cards, Rider Waite Tarot cards, Mexican Lotería cards.

I can see why playing cards are such a collectible item. I've been reading a lot about tarot lately, what an intriguing world of symbolism! To see some really amazing playing cards check out this link to the playing cards in the V&A's collections.


fish stock


and cactus juice...
(detail on bag)


away day

It was lovely to be with Zoe and Harriet. I hope there will be more good times together to come. 
Also check out this amazing blog 'Robyne Melia is Bobby La', inspiring stitching!