Kestrel said...

Sounds really interesting, and what a bargain!

bookssnob said...

Michelle! Hello, it's Rachel from the V&A who moved to New York! Just wanted to let you know that Beth Gutcheon is also an author and wrote a brilliant book recently republished by Persephone Books - you should check it out! It's called Still Missing.

I want this Patchwork Primer! I had to leave my unfinished quilt at home. :(

naughty little pony said...

Hi Rachel! How's it all going over in NY?

Can't wait to find a copy of that, Persephone books are so lovely. Have you read 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day' by Winifred Watson? Such cute pictures.

It's sad you had to leave your patchwork at home, but I'm sure NY is much more exciting!

Hope you are well, m xx

bookssnob said...

Hi Michelle!

It's going great, thank you! New York is amazing and it's so exciting having a new city to explore!

I know, aren't they? I have read Miss Pettigrew - I love it! Such a cosy feel good read!

Hope all is well at the V&A, I miss you all! x

jane said...

Have just happened across your blog from another sewing blog but am also an avid reader of Rachel (above)'s blog - blog land is small!

Anyway, I've got a copy of this book too - it was a freecycle book that I got along with some other much older embroidery and sewing patterns. It's lovely isn't it - so evocative of what is now a dying art (and unfortunately one which I am not exactly doing a good job of reviving myself just yet!).

Hope you'll use it to make something!