stag land

I started this post intending to talk about stag imagery in art; how you see this symbolism everywhere lately, and animal symbolism generally. I was going to say something about fleetness and strength, and I had a bunch of nice images to use to show what I mean. But actually, considering I didn't even remember to look at the name of this sculpture, I'm just gonna say, I love this thing! I walk past it everyday and I enjoy the hell out of it. Look at this guy, he's so jaunty and proud.

I haven't done a lot of posting lately and I'm not gonna apologise because it is no great loss in the scheme of things. But I will say that I've got stuff coming...it's not that exciting, but it's coming.

In the meantime, here's this:

by me.


Zoe said...

That picture is amazing! Did you draw it? It's beautiful. What are you going to do wit it? It would make the most amazing repeat print. xx

naughtylittleepoch said...

Ooo I like that idea loads, Zo!

EmilyKate said...

He *IS* great! He's da Party Stag! Try looking at him and not smiling!

I love your picture, too! It would be really good Gocco-printed onto cards. They could be your signature greeting-card for gifts and stuff.

Cassie Louise said...

Mr Stag is one of my favourites too - there are some very crazy and rather disturbing things going on in those cabinets, and he's looking down on all of it! I love the drawing too I agree, it would make a great card - or perhaps even printed on a canvas bag.