Come to me little campers. Don't you love them. If I can't find better in Spain (good shoes can be found there) these beauties are mine.


mooimadeit said...

They sure are cool. I had such a grand time shoe shopping in Madrid. I bought 3 pairs on sale at Campers! They are so expensive in Australia, so I was drooling getting them half price in Madrid! And Alex got two pairs of very swanky black leather dress shoes too.

EmilyKate said...

hi naughty!
thanks for visiting my blog.
so nice of you to scan your manual for me- you'll have to let me know your address so I can send you a treat!
by the way, a lot of us from burdastyle are swapping sewing-related stuff here if you'd like to join:

Schematoc said...

I want them! XX Nice to see you yesterday!XX

Schematoc said...
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