fancy stitch

These are the presents I made for my ladies in Barcelona. It was so much fun going there to deliver them. They come under the heading of "things made using the fancy stiches" on my husqvarna.

There she is.

Thank you Zoe, for taking the fantastic photos of these necklaces, you're the best. And so are you Harriet, too.


Zoe said...

You are more than welcome, sorry the photos took a bit of time getting to you. It was so great when you came to 'deliver the necklaces'! I hope more delivering can happen again in the New Year!
Miss you xxxxx

chrrristine said...

very very pretty!

EmilyKate said...

WOW! I LOVE your necklaces... which husky cams did you use to get the shapes?

Anonymous said...

Hi, love your blog! You left a message at zigzaggers saying you didn't have an english version of your sewing machine manual? I scanned mine so if you want a copy send me an email and I'll flick it back to you.
Happy stitching!