stag land

I started this post intending to talk about stag imagery in art; how you see this symbolism everywhere lately, and animal symbolism generally. I was going to say something about fleetness and strength, and I had a bunch of nice images to use to show what I mean. But actually, considering I didn't even remember to look at the name of this sculpture, I'm just gonna say, I love this thing! I walk past it everyday and I enjoy the hell out of it. Look at this guy, he's so jaunty and proud.

I haven't done a lot of posting lately and I'm not gonna apologise because it is no great loss in the scheme of things. But I will say that I've got stuff coming...it's not that exciting, but it's coming.

In the meantime, here's this:

by me.



Come to me little campers. Don't you love them. If I can't find better in Spain (good shoes can be found there) these beauties are mine.